About the Application

Most doctors in the US spend an average of less than 8 minutes with the patient. So to ensure that you have a productive visit with your doctor where all your medical concerns are addressed and your questions answered, it is important that you are well organized and prepared for the visit.

This app is designed to help you to organize your appointment by creating a plan (symptoms, frequency) and then recording the appointment (basic measurements such as weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, cholesterol data, medications and treatment recommendations by your doctor). In addition, you can even search through your past appointments. You can search based on your family member or purpose of the appointment.

Try out the Free version first. The Free version has limited functionality (only 1 family member, 5 appointments and 5 doctors). If you like it, please consider buying the full version.



Family Screenshot showing family members whose appointments can be created, planned and recorded.
Appointment List. List of all appointments created. Both past and future appointments are listed. The Appointment list can be searched as well as sorted.
Plan Appointment plan data input screen.
Create Family Member Family member data input screen. Notice that each family member has their own list of doctors.
Create New Appointment New appointment creation screen. When the appointment is saved and if the Calendar is setup from Settings screen, the appointment will be directly added to Google calendar.
Record Appointment Screenshot showing recording of the appointment. Note the buttons for Record Medications and Current Medications.
Create New Appointment Screenshot showing various options available for each member. This screen is displayed when a member is selected from the Family list.
Record Appointment Screenshot showing various menu options available from the Appointments list.
New Medications Screenshot showing new medication record. There are fields for dosage and the Dosage Start/End dates.
Current Meds list Screenshot showing list of current medications.